ICO Accounting

Question: How are ICOs treated on the balance sheet of the issuer (i.e. are tokens treated as unearned revenue?)? What are potential ramifications on valuation? ICO’s-Initial Coin Offerings are a new financing tool used by companies. These offerings are un-regulated crypto-currencies and therefore popular with startups that want to raise funds without the high cost Read more about ICO Accounting[…]

Accounting Calculator

How does e-business affect the accounting profession

My answer to How does the development of e-business affect the accounting profession, in both positive and negative… Answer by Wray Rives CPA CGMA I see two primary e-business dynamics that directly impact the accounting industry. Web based tools that facilitate remote delivery of services Web based tools that automate the clerical aspects of accounting Read more about How does e-business affect the accounting profession[…]

How do I find a trustworthy CPA for my startup?

  Local vs Virtual CPA Limiting yourself to a local CPA can unnecessarily limit your choices.  Most services offered by a CPA can be performed remotely these days.  The local accounting firm model is becoming outdated. Technology allows you to offer tax, accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services to startups with no limit on location.  About the Read more about How do I find a trustworthy CPA for my startup?[…]

Update on cloud accounting apps

It is time to update my summary of online/cloud/SaasS bookkeeping apps.   This was originally an answer to a question on Quora about what is the best cloud accounting solution for a small business.  The answer is that the best solution is one that the small business can and will actually use.  There are a Read more about Update on cloud accounting apps[…]