October 2, 2010

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Client Accounting Services and Payroll

Why we are different

For decades CPA firms were local businesses that operated out of nice office buildings and serviced clients who lived or worked within 15 miles of their location. That business model meant a CPA had to be “full service” to be able to provide any CPA services the clients in that small geographic region might need. That also limited the CPA from going deep into areas that served specific clients.

Our firm is virtual, so we have no geographic limits and in fact currently service clients in 34 different states and 15 different countries. We focus on just a few areas of CPA services.  Specifically that is income, sales and franchise tax compliance, accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services for  owner operated businesses and individuals.

Lacking the high price office space allows us to offer fixed pricing for services rather than selling hours.  CPA clients are not looking to buy accounting hours, they should be looking to purchase knowledge and expertise.

Who we are a good fit for

Business owners who are actively engaged in their business and want their business to benefit from the knowledge and expertise that comes from years of experience helping other business owners succeed. You should be comfortable sharing information via email and web folders, communicating electronically and receiving information over the internet.

“In my experience entrepreneurs either have a skill that they can sell or they are just great salespeople.  Rarely are they great bookkeepers and rarely is accounting and tax work the area where the owner adds value to the business.  I think every business owner should consider how much better the business could be if he or she took the time they spend preparing tax returns and doing bookkeeping, often doing it incorrectly, and instead spent that time working on the area of the business where their skills are valuable, such as landing a new customer or designing a new product.

If business owners place a value on their own skills and what those skills mean to the business, they will find it easy to justify paying a professional to help with their taxes and accounting.

Who we are not a good fit for

If you like to sit across the desk from your CPA and talk about your information form by form or you want to be able to drop by our office at any time, then we probably are not a good choice for you.

Do you want to visit via Skype or Google Hangout then come on. If you are at all uncomfortable with your information being transmitted electronically, then we are not a good fit. If you need an audit, retirement planning or financial investment services, then we are not a good fit, but we do know other professionals who specialize in those areas and would be happy to give a referral to you.

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