Sync QuickBooks to another computer?

My answer to How easy is it to Sync QuickBooks to another computer?

Answer by Wray Rives CPA CGMA:

First I assume you are using desktop QB. Moving your QB files from one computer to another,  is pretty easy.

  • Install QB on the other computer
  • create a backup copy on your current computer
  • copy the file
  • restore the backup file to your new computer.

If you are wanting to truly sync QB, where you can keep a copy of the same file on two computers, it probably would not work. Desktop QB works from a local data file and is not designed to be synced between computers. While theoretically you could constantly backup and restore the file between the two computers, it would be tremendously time consuming to do so and very likely that you loose some of your bookkeeping records. QB has a version called Enterprise that can be networked in a local network environment.

There are file sharing apps that I have seen claim to be able to map a drive and share your QB data file on a cloud drive, but in my experience there is a high risk the data file become corrupted and unusable with this method.

I would recommend you use Quickbooks Online, because everything resides on the Intuit servers so all you need is an internet connection to access your records. If you just have to have some functionality that is in Desktop and not QBO, then a hosted version of Quickbooks is your only option.

How easy is it to Sync QuickBooks to another computer?