August 5, 2012

What Clients Say

[xyz-ihs snippet=”Contact”]client“I may be a creative genius but I should be in remedial courses when it comes to accounting and taxes. Luckily I found a genius in that area and his name is Wray Rives. Wray can explain the tax stuff to me in language I can understand and within the 5 minute attention span I work with. The guy is honest, meets me in person and his work is priced right.”  Eve-business owner client since 2009


“Wray consulted with me about business formation for my freelance writing business. He didn’t give any fluff: he gave m e straight-shooting advice that I could run with right away. I can recommend Wray strongly, as well, because “service after the sale” is more than just a business textbook term for him: he genuinely cares about my business and my success. Work with Wray if you want to work with someone you’ll love to talk to, even if it’s about taxes!” Jessie-business owner client since 2009


“I have known Wray for a few years now and we finally had the chance to work together recently; a client of mine asked my firm to help them locate and hire a highly qualified CPA/Accountant/Financial professional for an interim need that they have. Immediately, I thought of Wray for this. Fortunately, timing worked out on this very well for everyone involved. I could write a laundry list of things about Wray, but I will keep it short and sweet. In both his professional and personal life, Wray exhibits characteristics of high ethical value as well as precision, compassion, understanding, and execution. If it wasn’t apparent by this point, I highly recommend him personally, as well as the value and expertise that he provides professionally.” Jason-contract services client 2010-2011.


“Wray is an amazing accountant who provides great client service. Wray’s knowledge of the tax code is second to none as is his ability to work on his client’s behalf. I would recommend Wray to anyone needing accounting services of any kind.” Client since 2010